Bach Flower Remedies

Edward Bach

“Treat the person not the disease”

Dr Edward Bach
M.B., B.S., M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P, D.PH

Dr Edward Bach (pronounced Batch) was an esteemed and learned medical doctor who practiced for over 20 years in London, as a Harley St Consultant, Bacteriologist, and Homoeopath.

In 1930, he closed his practice to continue his research which led to the findings that our physical health depends upon our way of thinking, our feelings and our emotions.

This knowledge led to the development of the Bach Flower Remedies. Today, Bach Flower Remedies are used and trusted in over 66 countries worldwide.

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Good health is harmony, when we think positively, constructively, happily. Ill-health is disharmony, when we think negatively, destructively, unhappily, such is the power of thought. The Remedies treat the mental outlook, the personality trait and the temperament of the person, rather than the physical complaint. The remedies transform negative attitude to positive, restoring balance and harmony.

During times of difficulty and fatigue, the remedies restore a positive outlook.

Although times change, the remedies move along with the people. Whatever the era, it is our emotional outlook that remains constant. This is what is important.


The remedies are all, but one, prepared from the flowers of wild plants, bushes and trees, and one is prepared from a special spring in Wales. They can be taken on their own or with other medications. They are safe, gentle and effective.

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All living things can benefit from Bach Flower Remedies, from the new born to the elderly, animals, the land and plants.