Indian Head Massage


The Power of Touch

IHM4Traditionally Indian Head Massage was evolved by women in India. It was originally developed by women as part of their grooming routine. The benefits of head massage were not confined to women, as barbers practised many of the same skills. Indian Head Massage has evolved to include the upper back, shoulders, arms and neck.


All these areas are known to hold stress and emotional strain that can manifest physically as stiff necks, shoulders, tension headaches, eye strain etc.

Indian Head Massage with its firm but gentle rhythms help unlock and relieve this build-up of tension. It calms the spirit, promotes relaxation and relieves stress.

IHM1Most people do not have enough touch in their life, and by simply sitting and being still with healing hands on your head will help to disperse stress. Gentle massage can help you relax as tensions and knots are slowly eased out. You relax more and more, toxins are dispersed, and flexibility and fluidity of movement are restored. Energy levels can now rise.

IHM2Indian Head Massage will lift you out of the hustle and bustle of everyday life, help you to sleep well, have more energy, think more clearly and feel good all over.

Disrobing is not required for Indian Head Massage.