Mirimiri /Maori Healing Massage

Mirimiri is a traditional Maori style of massage which brings:

  • Harmony
  • Balance
  • Clarity

to all your systems and chosen life style.

Mirimiri has a holistic approach which includes:

  • Taha Tinana (physical wellbeing)
  • Taha Hinegarau(mental wellbeing)
  • Taha Whanau(family wellbeing)
  • Taha Wairua(spiritual wellbeing)

Those who practice Mirimiri have a gift for it.

mirimiri7Some benefits of Mirimiri are:

  • Release of stress/tension
  • Increased energy flow
  • Relaxation
  • Enhances the immune system and endocrine system
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Improved joint movement, tissue elasticity and flexibility

Mirimiri can be applied through light clothing or oil massage. Mirimiri can be a light relaxing massage or deep tissue therapeutic massage or combination of both.

mirimiri5The re-aligning effects of a Mirimiri treatment can take a few days to integrate, and it is advised to drink your water and take life easy, be kind and gentle with yourself to receive the maximum benefits of Mirimiri.